Monday, April 14, 2014


So, the reason I have not been able to post anything is because I have been busy with school and the podcast. So, let me update you on what's happening:


Check out and follow me on Fashiolista for up to date clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc, you can buy online. I promise you will love something on their.


Trying to find some really cool DIY's to teach you guys. For now try my pinterest account at Style@Artemis, for my boards of beauty, fashion, living, and food DIY's. And make sure to follow them and me if you want to to make thing's easier for you.


I found some really cool reviews on some products and put my review's in on them so you will definitely get to see those really soon.


Well, still working on that, but for now check out my pinterest account at Style@Artemis for some food boards.

What?! Podcast with Artemis:

So, this almost done. Which is a good thing, since I haven't said anything in a while. I will be posting a demo video telling you about the podcast, asking what do you want to know more of, and anything else about the podcast. 😃


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