So, I found this from this blog and thought it was pretty cool and would keep me more focused on this blog I have. Here are my aims:

  1.              Write a blog entry every week, at least. (writer's block) 
  2.               Reach to 10  Bloglovin Followers
  3.               Reach to 20 Twitter Followers  
  4.               Get 2,000 pageviews 
  5.               20 posts a month 
  6.               Get Featured somewhere  
  7.               Hit 1,000 Followers on Fashiolista
   Skin & Beauty:

  1.      Find time to paint my nails more often. 
  2.                      Use my coconut oil jar. (my skin gets really dry) 
  3.        Come up with cool nail art designs. 
  4.                                Get rid of acne! ALMOST GONE 
  5.                 Frizzy hair GONE 
  6. Perfect winged eyeliner (nobody's perfect)
Fitness Life: 
  1.  Try yoga 
  2.  Pay attention to what foods I eat. 
  3. Stretch in the morning 
  4.  Get the hell up earlier! (I have to get up really earlier because of school)
  1. Get better at knitting and crocheting (I'm really bad) 
  2.  Travel the world 
  3. Sew more, Design more (Candidate for a Fashion Designer) 
  4.  Practicing Acting (Wannabe Actress)
  5. Practice my instrument more! 
  6.  Volunteer! (I still continue to do so) 
I'll get their soon. 
hopefully XD 

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